Our 2023 Partners

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Ultima is the official travel partner for Matrics in Antarctica. We are excited about facilitating this trip and ensuring that the five winning Matrics, Riaan and his team, have a safe travel experience. We have been travelling to Antarctica for a number of years and have the expertise necessary to navigate and facilitate this trip efficiently.

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ACDC Dynamics

ACDC Dynamics is the leading manufacturer, importer & distributor or quality products in the electrical, electronics, pumps & tools industries. We are all about growing and teaching people within our industry and by partnering with Matrics in Antarctica we have the opportunity to educate and inspire the youth about our Industry and Solar Systems. ...We are excited to give the Power Back to you even in most remote place like Antarctica. ACDC Dynamics is all about Sustainability and to make a difference in the Environment, Matrics in Antarctica is amazing platform to get involved and to engage with the youth. Our brand promise is to provide Knowledge, Variety, Quality and Value, which is why we are excited to involve the Matrics in Antarctica winners in the opportunity to assist in installing the Solar System in Antarctica.


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URUP Connect

As a business URUP Connect is excited to be the digital partner for Matrics in Antarctica for the second year in a row. Our team is focused on creating awareness and engagement around this exciting initiative and inspiring students to think about their role in creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

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We are incredibly excited to partner with Matrics in Antarctica for the second year in a row. As a business, we, at Canon, are focused on empowering the next generation and our future leaders. As a brand, we have been involved in several initiatives aimed at equipping the youth with the knowledge around camera’s, photography and inspiring them to look at the world around them through a creative, diverse and different lens.

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K-Way is proud to be the official clothing partner for Matrics in Antarctica. We are focused on shedding light on the effects of climate change on the environment. We are excited to see the winners of this year's competition enjoy this experience and learn more about the issues impacting this diverse ecosystem. We will ensure that all five matrics have the right gear to keep warm and enjoy this epic adventure.


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