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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Matrics in Antarctica?

Matrics In Antarctica is an initiative created by Riaan Manser to help inspire young South African's, matric students specifically, to think about sustainability and how they can make a difference to their emmediate environments. 5 lucky student win the opportunity to travel to Antarctica for an educational adventure of a lifetime.


When will the winners travel to Antarctica?

5 December - 12 December, weather permitting.


Where will the winners travel to in Antarctica?

The winners will travel to the Novolazarevskaya Research Station and will stay at the Oasis Guesthouse.


How long will they be in Antarctica?

The winners will embark on a 7-day all-inclusive Antarctica adventure. The departure date and return date will be set in January 2022 and is weather dependent so the dates may vary by a day or two.


*Note: If a winner tests positive for COVID within 2 weeks of the travel date to Antarctica, they will unfortunately lose their place and a runner up from the top 10 will take their place.


How much will this cost me as a parent?

Absolutely nothing. The winners will win an all-inclusive Antarctica adventure will include:
• Flights to and from Cape Town and Antarctica
• Accommodation
• Meals
• Antarctic clothing provided by Columbia Sportswear
• Activities
• COVID-19 tests*