2020 Trip

5 lucky students went on a life changing adventure

Why did They Go?

Five students, along with Riaan and his team, went on an epic adventure to Antarctica, an important ecosystem that impacts the world and our environment. This trip was an educational experience where students learned about the effects of global warming and climate change and saw firsthand how this is affecting the ecosystem. The students gained an understanding of how the ecosystem in Antarctica will affect different countries globally if we do not take action and tackle environmental issues effectively.

What Did They Do?

This six day adventure was action packed with several different activities. The students hiked across some of Antarctica's most incredible mountain ranges, large frozen water bodies like lakes and vertical drops of running water that resembled unconventional waterfalls. They were able to participate in several science experiments, which included water quality testing, which gave them insight into the chemical composition of the water there. They were then able to compare these samples to those collected from Cape Town to note the differences in the water composition. The students also participated in a litter clean-up where they collected, sorted and recorded 909 pieces of litter. During this time, the students were provided with real insight and understanding of how the ecosystem of Antarctica works and the effects of climate change, pollution and global warming.

What Do The Students Say?

Thea's perspective:
Matrics in Antarctica was an experience that prompted holistic growth in the most multifaceted way possible. The initiative is premised on cultivating leaders with passion, enthusiasm and determination. The program was dynamic. This experience gave me more of an understanding of my responsibility as a global citizen in relation to preventing climate change and global warming. It also challenged me to think outside of the box and realise my potential and capabilities. Apart from developing a network of incredible, highly motivated and successful individuals, I was blessed with the opportunity to explore the most pristine environment in the world, Antarctica. I fell in love with its resilience, grace and majesty. More importantly, Antarctica saw a side of me I never knew existed. The growth that I experienced in Antarctica over those six days, I did not experience in 18 years!!!

Boiketlo Lamula:
"This was a once in a lifetime experience. We went from our everyday activities and the terrains of South Africa to experiencing the vast expanses of the white and blue ice of Antarctica. We camped, hiked, and explored this incredible ecosystem and got to experience some local hospitality. Throughout this trip, we were educated on the effects of global warming and how essential it is to preserve this precious ecosystem. It is an experience I will never forget."

Why Another Trip?

Our 2020 trip was incredibly successful. The students were able to explore a part of the world that not many people get to experience. We noticed how this changed them and their perspectives. We believe that by planning another trip, we would be able to reach even more young people, educate and inspire them to be proactive in their communities and fuel a passion for conservation and sustainability.

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