2021 Trip


Why did They Go?

The five winners of Matrics in Antarctica were getting ready to depart to the icy continent on 10 February 2022, but covid-19 had other plans for this years’ expedition. Due to a rise in covid cases in Antarctica, a decision was made by COMNAP (Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs) to prioritize the safety of the scientists and crew who stay behind for the winter season; thus, the Matrics in Antarctica trip has been postponed to November 2022.

But the MIA team had one more ace up their sleeve with the support of British Airways (operated by Comair). Not only will they still experience the icy climate of Antarctica, but they headed to the tropical climates of Mauritius and learnt about how warmer climates are affected by environmental issues

What Did They Do?

What Did They Do? This six day adventure was action packed with several different activities. The students hiked across some of Antarctica's most incredible mountain ranges, large frozen water bodies like lakes and vertical drops of running water that resembled unconventional waterfalls.

The students hiked over 60km+ and were able to participate in several science experiments, learning from the ALCI crew which included water quality testing, which gave them insight into the chemical composition of the water there.

They participated in a clean up, a new record was set for the number of items collected, mostly construction/civils items which gets blown all over the landscape and then gets trapped under ice during winter.

Additionally serval discussions around design thinking as well as communication were facilitated by Delecia as part of our personal development and education programme.

We also had a very insightful Q&A with the media team about their careers, most interesting moments and general life advice and Riaan gave a fantastic talk about his adventures, and what is means to go from ‘saying’ to ‘doing’.

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